Monday, May 30, 2016

experiments gone completely right!

as fabric-scrap enthusiast i have been gathering some larger than normal pieces of fabric from friends willing to give away their scraps and i have decided to branch out and experiment with other things i can make with my fabric bits than the earrings and cards that are common at the market's we attend.

one of those projects underway is making banana bibs for babies. i made these bibs below for Sebastien who was just being so incredibly drooly and teething the past few months. they are holding up so well to the abuse and in the laundry so i am going to try my hand at producing them for sale! they are very adorable and the minky backing on them makes it so soft on a baby's neck. i clasp them in place with snaps on the back, and through many many laundry washes everything looks tight and wonderful! i'm excited to make more of these.

we are working hard so that we have a bunch of product available for the fall and for purchase come Christmas time! Sarah is busy making hot beverage cosies and the most ADORABLE little booties.

(this is an example of one of the styles of booties that she makes for children.... except this one is adult size!)

we will be holding a home party at my house on October 28th in the evening so you can come and buy some local handmade goods for those on your Christmas shopping list. poster with information to come later.

get excited! the Sulz sisters are back at the craft!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

and then there were TWO

i mentioned that my crochet artist sister, Sarah was joining the crew. the past week we have been busy busy busy packaging our wares and taking them to craft fairs around the city.

well, we are finally done selling our wares to the public but we have an online sale going on now until Christmas so you can pick up some stocking stuffers at amazing prices.

check it out!

back in the 'biz

well, it has been a LONG time, and a toddler and a new baby later we are back in the business.

RAEVIN is branching out and has joined forces with my intense crochet-knit master sister, Sarah. together we plan to conquer the craft scene! mostly making things for ourselves and for inexpensive gifts, but also for YOU!

feel free to look around and familiarize yourself again with the brand that is RAEVIN.  we do custom orders so anything under the crochet, sewing, handmade sun that you can contrive (or look up on pinterest) we can replicate.

happy shopping!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

time keeps on slippin', slippin' slippin'

umm, hello?

where did this summer go!

i feel like we just started the summer- so much so that i haven't had the thought to slip into my pre-pregnancy swimsuits and take the family to the lake or anything. i just figured summer would last forever and we'd find room for all these things.

i was dead wrong. summer is practically gone!

with the "slippin'" of summer, that means the Kaleido Festival is practically just around the corner. this will likely be the most traffic that my little nick-knacks have ever received besides my online presence and it is NERVE RACKING! will i have enough product made? will people even like my crafts? will i be left a lone soldier manning my humble crafting booth? so many questions waiting to be answered.

the past week or two i have clicked together my fictitious crafting heels (which is pretty much impossible. i can't stand wearing high heels.) and i have made some progress in the crafting realm and some regress in the house cleanliness realm.

here's proof:

looking at this kind of makes me smile. i love the feeling of being able to spread my things all over the house and do whatever comes to mind. however, i am not so fond of the clean-up phase. (my house stays like this for days on end... we will literally have supper on any 3 inch square space we can find amid the mess)

well, that is all for now! i thought i would update you on how things are going with Kaleido preparations. so far, so good. the past few days i managed to stain, cut, sew and package 20 of the Coffee-Stained Fabric Cards that will be for sale.

20 down, only FIFTY more to go!

well, back to the crafting table with me.


here is a sneak peak of the coffee-stained cards i spent the night sewing. i'm still trying to figure out some pricing for these puppies.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


After a few months of my co- worker exclaiming her love of cute magnets to me, I have finally decided to start making them for sale. They will take part in their first craft sale at the Kaleido family festival September 13-15th. For now they will not be up on my etsy page, but if you would like a set, just let me know and I can hook you up.
They are about the size of a loonie.
4 to a box, and $6 for the box.

k-days sale

K-Days is coming to town! Receive 35% off at the Etsy shop!
Use coupon code :KDAYS13
Valid July 8-29 2013

Remember, if you are in the Edmonton area and would like to pay cash and pick up your order, simply send me a message with the earrings you would like!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


my first orders of the year are ready to go out! thank goodness i got them done this morning after Elliot woke me up. +40 degrees is not an ideal crafting weather.