Thursday, August 8, 2013

time keeps on slippin', slippin' slippin'

umm, hello?

where did this summer go!

i feel like we just started the summer- so much so that i haven't had the thought to slip into my pre-pregnancy swimsuits and take the family to the lake or anything. i just figured summer would last forever and we'd find room for all these things.

i was dead wrong. summer is practically gone!

with the "slippin'" of summer, that means the Kaleido Festival is practically just around the corner. this will likely be the most traffic that my little nick-knacks have ever received besides my online presence and it is NERVE RACKING! will i have enough product made? will people even like my crafts? will i be left a lone soldier manning my humble crafting booth? so many questions waiting to be answered.

the past week or two i have clicked together my fictitious crafting heels (which is pretty much impossible. i can't stand wearing high heels.) and i have made some progress in the crafting realm and some regress in the house cleanliness realm.

here's proof:

looking at this kind of makes me smile. i love the feeling of being able to spread my things all over the house and do whatever comes to mind. however, i am not so fond of the clean-up phase. (my house stays like this for days on end... we will literally have supper on any 3 inch square space we can find amid the mess)

well, that is all for now! i thought i would update you on how things are going with Kaleido preparations. so far, so good. the past few days i managed to stain, cut, sew and package 20 of the Coffee-Stained Fabric Cards that will be for sale.

20 down, only FIFTY more to go!

well, back to the crafting table with me.


here is a sneak peak of the coffee-stained cards i spent the night sewing. i'm still trying to figure out some pricing for these puppies.

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