Monday, May 30, 2016

experiments gone completely right!

as fabric-scrap enthusiast i have been gathering some larger than normal pieces of fabric from friends willing to give away their scraps and i have decided to branch out and experiment with other things i can make with my fabric bits than the earrings and cards that are common at the market's we attend.

one of those projects underway is making banana bibs for babies. i made these bibs below for Sebastien who was just being so incredibly drooly and teething the past few months. they are holding up so well to the abuse and in the laundry so i am going to try my hand at producing them for sale! they are very adorable and the minky backing on them makes it so soft on a baby's neck. i clasp them in place with snaps on the back, and through many many laundry washes everything looks tight and wonderful! i'm excited to make more of these.

we are working hard so that we have a bunch of product available for the fall and for purchase come Christmas time! Sarah is busy making hot beverage cosies and the most ADORABLE little booties.

(this is an example of one of the styles of booties that she makes for children.... except this one is adult size!)

we will be holding a home party at my house on October 28th in the evening so you can come and buy some local handmade goods for those on your Christmas shopping list. poster with information to come later.

get excited! the Sulz sisters are back at the craft!

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