Tuesday, July 2, 2013

fresh start

well, it has been over a year since i have had my blog up and running and i have decided to make a clean sweep of it and start a fresh!

in the past 10 months my husband and i have purchased a new house, secured new positions, and as of late- we made a new adorable baby who arrived a little over 2 months ago! so many firsts. as i am sure many of you are wondering "are those cute earrings for sale again?" the answer is a resounding YES! we are over the new changes involved in having a newborn and i am back to the crafting table.

i also have some new changes involved in my crafting affairs. i am still doing occasional artisan markets around the edmonton area, but because my market has now reached outside of the capitol region, i have opened an etsy shop! *insert elated thumbs up here* for the time being i am only selling my fabric earrings at the etsy shop, but as i finish up some other projects i am working on they will be added as well!

if you are in the edmonton area, and are looking for the same deal- where you pick them up and pay cash instead of paying shipping and paying with credit card, just send me a private message with which earring selection you want and i will let you know when they are available for pick up!

take a look around and stay tuned!

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